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Croatia '08 Photos from our holiday in Primosten. I was there with my
friends Radka, Lucichitta and Ondroid.
9th August '08
5th April '08
Rain Matrix
5th April '08
New Life New life in my friend's fridge. It grew in six weeks when
he was on Bali and forgot to clear fridge before leaving :-D
5th April '08
Chaos at the
Broken glass all around the Amphitheatre.
31st March '08
Cracked Rainbow Rainbows are also cracking this cold Spring.
25th March '08
Strange feelings Sunday March 16 was really strange...
17th March '08
My Musical
I have a bass guitar since 1997. In 2008 I bought two
turnables Technics 1210 MK II with directdrive and
mixpult. And lately I bought M-audio conectiv for digital
DJing and, also M-audio trigger finger.
I love music so much!
23rd March '08
in Bratislava
This is the amphitheatre in Bratislava near Horsky park.
I wanted to take photos of it before it will be demolished.
16th March '08
PixelArt PixelArt is a type of art made from pixels. When I saw
this on web, I said to myself: "I must have it!", it is so
beautiful and there are millions of details. I can look at
it for hours and hours and I can always find something new.
Original is from
I printed 100 A4-size sheets, cut them and stuck them
together. It took me 3 weeks.
6th January '08
Lamac Hospital
in Bratislava
This was to be a new hospital in Bratislava but is
currently abandoned as they don't have enough money
to complete it. It is a very very big complex of
buildings. When I was there, I saw two roes also (not
so easy in Bratislava ;) )
20th December '07
Electrode Photos from minimal techno party Electrode in
Subclub with Metamatics & Norken.
15th December '07
Burn a DVD Nice and easy experiment with a DVD in a microwave.
The principle is that electromagnetic waves generated
in microwave magnetron are inducted on metal surface
of the DVD which is so thin, that it burns. It's
nothing dangerous, just a little smelly.
13th December '07
Korai Öröm
+ Dubtrap
Two parties in Subclub during one week. On Wednesday
a perfect band Korai Öröm from Hungary and on Thursday
dubstep party.
2nd December '07
Bass guitar The bass guitar I bought in Kosice in '97. I play slap,
because this is the best sound for me, so energetic
and full of rhythm!
21st November '07
Explosion of
I have a similar feeling every day. I have it because of
people who are close to me, my whole life, nature, the
Universe and all. hmmm.. It's hard to express in words... :-D
17th November '07
The old military base on the top of Devinska Kobyla
on the north side of Devin. My friend A! took me there.
I didn't have good batteries so I didn't take many photos.
I want to go there again in Spring or Summer.
11th November '07

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